Terry's Programs & Services:

Habits for Personal Leadership


 The program is designed to help you with Personal Leadership which is essential to becoming a leader of others. By understanding the principles of Personal Leadership you will:

  • Identify and prioritize goals and tasks easily

  • Learn the newest perspective on managing your time

  • Understand the use of a Key Habit to achieve more

  • Be able to enrich relationships with others

  • Learn how to continually focus on your new Habits

This program was developed with many resources of proven methods, most notably Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Other resources include Benjamin Franklin’s methods for a successful life, Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Earl Nightingale, and many others.


Selling Through Service


This program is designed for entrepreneurs and anyone in a sales capacity. The philosophy is based on Helping people vs. Selling people. When you understand the “why” and “how” of a sales process you will be a partner, someone on the side of the buyer rather than a salesperson. Based on his book, “The Customer Connection” which encompasses Terry’s philosophy of selling customers for life.

In this program you will:

  • Learn the two simple steps to “helping” others buy, AND the secret to how to implement them

  • Understand the use of FABs and how to offer Benefits that give value to your customer or client

  • Learn how to develop an agenda for meeting with prospects, customers, or clients

  • Understand the only two reasons people buy

  • Gain a strategy to sell your products or services quickly and effectively

This program is the amalgamation of dozens of books, seminars, and audio programs that helped Terry increase his commissions by over 1500% in five years. All ideas presented have been used and tested by hundreds of other salespeople that Terry has trained.



How to Control Your Destiny

This program was the beginning of Terry’s professional speaking career. After years of studying what others did to achieve success Terry used his research to reach the goals he sought in life for personal, family, and career. Based on his first book, “How to Control Your Destiny” which was researched with hundreds of books, seminars, and audio programs, Terry “passes the baton” to those who want to reach their dreams.

In this program you will:

  • Learn the relationship of Freedom and Responsibility

  • Understand the purpose of, and how to create meaningful goals

  • The key to focus your mind on acheivent

  • Learn what guarantees success


Time to Sell

This program is geared towards the habits of successful salespeople with a new perspective on how to look at Time and use it to your advantage.

In this program you will:

  • Gain insight into Covey’s First Things First philosophy

  • Learn how to organize your day AND your environment

  • Become enabled to quickly set each day’s priorities

  • Understand how to plan a sales day/week/year

  • Gain more time to sell and help others AND yourself


Speaking OT - Outside Toastmasters

This program is based on Terry’s journey to become the 56th person in Toastmasters to become an Accredited Speaker. To date only 70 people have earned this designation out of 350,000 Toastmaster members. In the process Terry became a full-time, professional speaker. He shares what he learned and what it takes to become a Professional Speaker AND an Accredited Speaker, not mutually achieved.

In this program you will:

  • Learn the difference between speaking to Toastmasters and Non-Toastmasters

  • Be able to develop a plan to develop your speaking skills to the level of a professional

  • Understand how to create a modular speech suitable for many audiences and situations

  • Recognize the power of being a Toastmaster, and how to use your membership to become a paid professional


Coaching & Consulting

Terry has provided personal, one-on-one coaching and consulting to individuals who want to excel in sales and/or public speaking. There is no set agenda. A free consultation with specific how-to’s is the beginning of the relationship. After you have used the ideas that Terry customizes for your situation in the first free-session then it is up to you as to how this program proceeds. Terry’s desire is to help you succeed just like the many mentors he has had over his lifetime helped him succeed. The cost is minimal, the value immeasurable. You control the process, duration, and results. If after the first session you decide not to continue there is no obligation on your part. Contact Terry to learn more about how he can help you succeed in public speaking and or sales.

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